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How to clean a sports kettle easily?

1. Wash by hand.
After a training run, the way to clean a sports cup is by hand, with warm water and some detergent, focusing on the bottom of the cup. We don't need to use special tools or materials, just a regular cleaning agent is enough.
2. Use bottle brushes wisely.
Some sports glasses are narrow and have narrow openings, which requires the use of a bottle brush, which can be found in the kitchen section of the supermarket. If you're drinking a viscous sports drink, you can also use a bottle brush to remove any traces of it, which is better than rinsing it with water.
3. Never forget the lid.
When you're running and drinking a sports drink, some of it usually sticks to the lid, so make sure you don't miss it when you're washing it. Sometimes we wash the cup well enough, but by neglecting the lid, bacteria can start to grow from there.
4. Don't use the dishwasher.
Your sports water bottle directly thrown into the dishwasher is a easy thing, but the water temperature is close to the boiling point a lot of time in the dishwasher, the temperature usually will make some plastic products from deformation, sports water bottle zhongtong often have a layer of coating, in the continuous high temperature environment will shorten its service life. In addition, the dishwasher may be unable to cope with some dead spots in the lid.